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In the rail public transport sector, genset equipment is crucial for providing reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Gensets are tasked with delivering backup power to critical systems and must remain operationally ready to activate immediately. Gensets have the potential to ignite fires due to fuel leaks, electrical faults, or the overheating of components. These fire risks make it imperative to implement comprehensive fire suppression systems and safety measures to protect passengers and the infrastructure. Achieving the right balance between fire safety and maintaining uninterrupted power supply presents a significant challenge, as false alarms or accidental shutdowns can disrupt critical rail operations.


A key player in the Singapore’s public transportation sector, sought a robust fire protection solution for the gensets in their fleet of six maintenance wagons. These wagons perform essential maintenance tasks, including tunnel cleaning, rail lifting and various general purpose activities. They operate at night, outside of regular public transport hours, utilising power from the onboard gensets. These gensets must be in a state of constant readiness to provide backup power instantly. Given that operators work within these wagons, adhering to strict fire safety regulations is vital for their well-being and safety. In this context, finding the optimal balance between fire safety and uninterrupted power supply poses a significant challenge.


To address the challenge the principal contractor for furnishing the maintenance wagons, collaborated with JSG Industrial Pte Ltd to enhance the fire safety in the maintenance wagons. This was achieved by seamlessly integrating the Muster Fire Suppression System. The solution provided includes SAG 2 system for gensets rated at 60kva and 100kva, and the SAG 5 system for the 150kva gensets.


Muster SAG, a pre-engineered system, employs a solid aerosol generator, eliminating the need for complex cylinders, pipework, or nozzles. Each SAG unit contains a proprietary solid chemical compound that produces particles and gases upon electrical activation through the Muster Alarm Panel, which detects fire using MusterWire (available with various temperature ratings such as 180°C, 105°C, and 68°C). Alternatively it can be activated either remotely or manually, providing deployment flexibility. Working from the unit itself allows installation options for secure enclosures or open environments. Muster SAG is scalable and allows for connection up to 8 units in a single system with an integration module. It can function independently or in conjunction with other agents, like foam or powder to enhance protection.


Zero Disruption: 

Five complete systems were installed and subsequently tested, witnessed by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA). These systems are designed to operate independently and do not require power supply from gensets. They are engineered to transmit only critical faults and appropriate signals, thereby ensuring there are zero false alarms.

Uninterrupted Operations: 

The successful implementation of Muster Fire Suppression Systems guarantees uninterrupted genset operations, even in critical situations.

Adaptation to Challenging Times: 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s challenges at that time, the JSG Industrial team and the contractor demonstrated resilience and adaptability, ensuring timely project completion.

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