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Ishan Lubrication Systems

Ishan lubrication systems are widely applied on industrial machinery like, CNC machines, centre lathes, grinding machine, plastic injection machine, forging machine, woodworking machine and other small to medium fixed plant and machinery.

Ishan lubrication systems can provide customers with the reliable lubrication systems that are specifically tailored for their production purposes.

Range of Solutions

Ishan Range of Oil Lubrication

Ishan Manual Oil Pump

Ishan Manual Oil Pumps

These single-shot systems use a manually actuated pump, for applications where fixed outputs of lubrication is required at infrequent intervals. Manual or single-shot pumps use meter units to apportion the amount of oil at each lubrication point.

Ishan Manual Oil Pumps

Ishan Continuous Oil Pumps

Designed to suit continuous feeding operations for computer controlled machines or large lubrication requirements. These systems are commonly used on equipment with a high number of lubrication points.

Ishan Injector

Ishan Flow Controllers

Flow ratio controllers are generally used in low pressure application and discharge at a steady volume in every outlet. The injection system supplies lubricant at a steady flow rate in cycles. This system is recommended when applying lubricant at a higher requirement level.

Positive Displacement Injector System

Ishan Positive Displacement Injector System

The Ishan positive Displacement system includes the DX and DT series Injectors and YET/YA series Pumps and are used in systems that have a higher lubrication requirement. The Ishan injectors lubricate at a steady flow rate in every cycle.

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Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

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