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Grease Lubrication

The Essentials of Grease Lubrication in Industrial Applications

When oil is insufficiently thick, grease lubrication of moving components is essential to the prevention of wear metals. Grease serves as a barrier to contamination as well. Grease can be applied to an application point using a variety of techniques. To maintain the appropriate lubrication of bearings and other moving parts, single-point lubricators and multi-point lubrication systems collaborate.

Range of Solutions

Trico Range of Grease Lubrication

Streamliner S Grease_Dispenser

Streamliner S Grease Dispenser

The self-contained Streamliner S Grease Dispenser provides worry-free operation. The lubrication point receives the appropriate quantity of grease thanks to its five control settings.

Streamliner GL-P Grease Dispenser

Streamliner GL-P Grease Dispenser

This spring-type lubricator controls and dispenses grease automatically to take the guesswork out of manual lubrication and extend bearing life.
Streamliner M500cc Grease Dispenser

Streamliner S Grease Dispenser

The 500cc reservoir capacity of the Streamliner M family now fulfils the need for multi-point lubrication as well as the lubrication of large size bearings. As the 125cc and 250cc units require more frequent grease cartridge replacements, a larger reservoir volume reduces labour costs related to these replacements.

Streamliner M Grease Dispenser

With their advanced electro-mechanical drive, Streamliner M Grease Dispensers are made to guarantee accurate and dependable lubrication while cutting lubrication expenses. With a maximum working pressure of 280 psi, the unit’s vertical feed pump, motor, gear set, and microprocessor control system make it perfect for use in remote and multi-point applications.

distribution block main

Distribution Blocks

Up to eight lubrication locations can be lubricated by a single Streamliner M, Streamliner 500cc, Streamliner MSP, or Streamliner Mi grease dispenser thanks to the Distribution Block. An additional option for purchasing the distribution block is as a kit, which comes with tubing, connectors, mounting bracket screws, and adapters.
Streamliner V grease dispenser

Streamliner V Grease Dispenser

Grease dispensers with the Streamliner V design are designed for use in situations where precision grease delivery to important machine components is crucial. They are a more affordable option than manually lubricating or fully integrated lubricant systems. In order to guarantee reliable and consistent lubricant distribution, the Streamliner V grease dispensers include a variable dispensing rate ranging from one to twelve months, which is managed by a microprocessor and electrochemical reaction.

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Trico Grease Lubrication

Grease lubrication of moving parts is essential for protection against wear. Single-point and multi-point lubricators ensure optimal lubrication.

A Central Lubrication System streamlines the regular lubrication process for multiple points, making it both practical and manageable.

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